Lovers Always The Sequel

I wanted to let you all know that Lover’s Amnesia has ended and I have moved the chapter I posted last night Betrayal to its sequel Lovers Always.

In case you haven’t read it yet and can’t find it click the banner below for Lovers Always: Chapter 1 – Betrayal

Lovers Always Banner5

The sequel to Lover’s Amnesia. Things settle down for our favorite couple, and new relationships are formed, but will that peace last? Read on to find out if what happens in Dallas…stays in Dallas…

Eventually this will turn out to be a trilogy. The Lover’s Trilogy.

I want to thank Meridian for our late night chats, helping me come up with characters, fine tune my plots, encouraging me to keep writing, but most of all for being an awesome friend.  I love you lots like jelly tots! xo

I’ll have Lover’s Amnesia ready to be downloaded in a couple of days.



    1. It was decided late last night. I had thought about it when I finished chapter 16 since Dallas is a new adventure for them and Meridian helped me decide to end Lover’s Amnesia and start Lovers Always. 🙂

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