I’m going to make this quick because WordPress is being a fickle bitch today.

Here is chapter 17 of Lover’s Amnesia.  I have about half of the next chapter written and hope to have it out to you soon.

Thank you MsBuffy for going through this so quickly and of course thank you Virala for everything!!!

Also check out the wonderful review Kittyinaz wrote for Lover’s Amnesia.


  1. This is the second chapter on a row that wouldn’t let me leave a review on the actual page (at least from my phone. )

    I love that Eric isn’t afraid to show his feelings for her, even in front of Charlie and Hauk. I wonder who the “familiar” vampire is that he detected at Godric’s home?

    1. I’m sorry it’s not letting you leave a review from your phone. I have that problem too sometimes. I normally hit back and try again and it lets me but sometimes not. I do know that WP has been doing some maintenance so maybe that’s it too. I hope it works for you next time. Eric’s pretty comfortable in his skin and it doesn’t bother him to show that he cares for Sookie. 🙂

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