Thank you to Virala for all your help on this story and helping me through it when I was crying for Eric and Sookie.  You’re the best and I don’t know what I’d do without you! xo

Thank you 4padfoot for making me the most awesome video for my story!  You’re the best!

Thank you MsBuffy for working so hard to get this done so that I could post it this weekend.

Thank you Queen of Area Five for letting MsBuffy take a break from her work on your stories so that she could work on mine. Please check out her new story Behind the Public Masks.

I have to warn you that you will need tissues for this story.

Inspired by Maroon 5′s song Daylight.

With no options left and time slipping through their hands, Eric and Sookie have no choice but to let each other go. Goodbyes should never be this painful, but sometimes loves just isn’t enough. Or is it?

Daylight by Gyllene

Daylight by Gyllene

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