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TB Season 7

This is the newest art work for True Blood.  I’m not sure what to think about it.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again.  Season 7 is going to be a huge disappointment.  The more information we find out the worse it sounds. I think I’ll be cancelling HBO after Game of Thrones is over.

The only good thing that will come from it is all the new fanfiction stories that will be written.  I know InLoveWithEric and MistressJessica1028 are currently writing their own season 7 stories.

Voting for the You Want Blood Awards ended at midnight EST on May 29th.  The winners will be announced on June 1st.  Thank you to everyone who voted and made our first year so successful!

I want to thank the many people who helped with this chapter.  Thank you Meridian for all the time you spent making this a better chapter.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you Virala for everything that you do.  Without you there would probably be no story.  I love you! <3

Thank you to Mags and kleannhouse for also betaing this chapter.

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  1. Yep. I watch other things like Bill Mahr and Vice. Otherwise, I would be cancelling my HBO too. I will not watch this train wreck…

  2. I cancelled mine after 5. Saw bits of 6 at friends. But the promo posters….maybe they’re effin with us with Sookies bloody tears (likely cry baby Bill’s dripped on her), but more concerning for me is the fang peaking out of Sookie’s lip. Maybe Sookie prove her lack of mental fortitude and forgives Bill as all the hype says….and directly afterward he turns her by force 🙂
    I would not doubt the end shot is Sookie waking up underground- then screen black!

    1. You may be right with how it ends. I know I’ll be disappointed in the end so why pay HBO for it.

  3. Not planning to watch TB ever again. Sadly it all has gone to hell (IMO) and my biggest beef is just how they have destroyed Sookie’s character but they seem intent to sell Season 7 as a ‘going back to the roots’ eg for those fans who like Sookie and Bill together (I believe there are some out there) and with Eric making a token appearance, honestly there is nothing in this show left for me either… Oh well, we’ll be eternally thankful to HBO for some of the casting (Eric Northman’s!), Godric’s creation and forget the very many disappointments…

    1. We should all thank HBO for casting Alexander Skarsgård as Eric. That’s one thing they definitely got right.

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