cropped-tb-svm-fanfic-awardsWhile we waited for the awards to be announced on April 21st, 4padfoot, Kittyinaz, magsmacdonald, mistressjessica1028, and I decided to make our own awards for True Blood and Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction stories. We now have the site You Want Blood Awards up and nominations will start on May 1st.  Please come and vote for your favorite stories and authors and help make our first award process successful.


Please come and check out Crossover Haven for any and all crossovers.  It started out when one of Kittyinaz’s stories was rejected from a crossover site.  So she came up with a safe place for anyone who writes crossovers to post.  Head on over there and check it out.

This weeks theme is Scruff You Want To …  the pictures are along the right hand side of my page.


My favorite picture this week and 4padfoot’s.  It’s on her countdown to her vacation.

I know this is a long post and you want to get to the chapter, but first I want to share with you a banner that I made that I think is super cool and then you’ll have the link to chapter 6.


Lover’s Amnesia Chapter 6 – Bound  Enjoy!

Lover's Amnesia Banner Bridge1


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