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It looks like Alex may be done shooting True Blood and was spotted last weekend in London at the UFC fight of GUSTAFSSON VS. MANUWA.  I won’t rant about how disappointing I think True Blood is going to be in its last season so that you can eventually read chapter 2.

I’m posting for Lover’s Amnesia early and next week I’ll be posting chapter 3 of My Dead Ever After.  It’s a short story and I’m using the weeks that I post it to bank more chapters of Lover’s Amnesia.

Thank you for all the positive reviews for this story!  Many of you love the loft Sookie and Eric are living in and some of you not so much.  When I first started writing this story I wanted to put a lot of pictures in it and I was having a hard time finding what I thought Eric’s house would look like.  I was going by the description of his house from the books and my dad is an interior decorator so I called him up and asked him where I could find pictures for the type of house and furniture I was looking for.  My dad only knows True Blood Eric and he was adamant that he would never live like his character from the books.  He suggested that he would live in a loft of some kind so I set out to find a cool place for Eric and Sookie to live.  I found this loft in Kiev and fell in love.  I know it’s different and normally Eric would rest for the day underground, but once I saw this loft I wanted them to live in it.  His daytime resting place may not be underground, but he is safe and secure.  No worries. 🙂

I want to thank the lovely ladies Virala and Magmacdonald for being my betas.  xo

Take a look around my website.  4Padfoot aka the WordPress Whisper has done a lot of work to make my site look better and drool worthy and she isn’t finished yet.  I think my favorite page is the Distraction Gallery.  We will continue to add more pictures to it as time goes on.

Click below to read chapter 2 of Lover’s Amnesia.  Enjoy!

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  1. Very exciting to have a new chapter! And yep TB’s last season promises to be terrible so I am going to try and avoid not just watching it but even hearing about it…

  2. Hey Gyllene!

    Yes, it’s only hair…for a movie!  AS is filming a movie set in the 70’s, hence the facial hair, or aka “porn ‘stache” as these are now commonly called.  I’ve seen a few other pics of him in costume, wearing shorts & tube socks as they were called in the day.  Before anybody says anything – YES!  They were sport socks worn on your feet!!!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  He looks great in the shorts though…never thought I’d be happy to see those again…he’s got some really long…legs.  (coughing)  🙂


  3. I wouldn’t give up hope that he has finished filming True Blood yet. It was London he was spotted in right? The Tarzan production is based in England so he was probably over doing some pre-production work with them. Unless he is spotted all over the place until June then I wouldn’t be worried about it even though I have feic all faith in final season too.

    1. I hope you’re right, but it’s not looking good for Eric. From what I’ve read it’s going to be the Bill, Sookie, and Alcide show.

      1. Yeah, I’ve decided I am trying to remain positive.

        I’m holding out hope that the werebitches Alcide had the threesome with come back to bite him in the ass (literally!). That they turn up and say they are having his cubs!

        It also makes me wonder if the writers have read any comments posted since there was such uproar over what happened to Eric last season that Buckner had to issue a statement saying he would be back.

        Best not to dwell on it though and if it ends up being an epic mess we always have great fanfic writers like you to write an epic ending.

        1. Alcide was a huge man whore last season. Up until then his character was nice. I don’t like what happened with him and I definitely don’t like him with Sookie.

          I’ll try and remain positive but I know they don’t care how upset we are for Alex/Eric.

  4. Even if he’s not entirely finished shooting TB, the fact that he isn’t doing more filming lately means that his part will be vastly smaller than in previous seasons. I doubt he’ll even be in every episode the last season, and that is devastating to me because Eric Northman is the ONLY reason I’m still watching (and haven’t yet cancelled my HBO subscription!)

    1. Eric Northman is the main reason many are still watching the show. There are rumors that he will be in flash backs. It’s going to be a disappointing season. 🙁

      1. “Eric Northman is the main reason many are still watching the show.”….

        Too bad HBO never clued in to that fact! **eye roll** 😐

        1. Meridiean and I were tweeting to HBO last night about how we should cancel HBO since it looks like there won’t be much of Eric. 🙂

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