A Yummy Alex & Lover’s Amnesia Chapter 1-All Over Again

Holy shit look at  that body!

My favorite picture of the week!   Not that you couldn’t tell since I’ve added him to the right side of my page.  😉  Some of you may see him and some of you may not.  I can at home, but not at work.  If you can’t see him to your right, there is the picture above, of him taking up the whole right side of my page.  It’s been a very distracting picture and has been taking away from my writing.  Maybe eventually I’ll get over looking at his chest, stop drooling all over my keyboard, and finish my next chapter.  Maybe.

This week I’m posting chapter 1 of my new story, Lover’s Amnesia.  It will have a lot of pictures throughout so you’ll definitely want to read it on my site.  I’ve only got six chapters in the bank so far and hopefully I’ll have added a new one by the end of this week.  I’m going to try to keep posting a new chapter every week.

Next week I plan on posting chapter 2 of My Dead Ever After.  I wrote the first chapter almost ten months ago.  I think I wrote it the day after I read the spoilers of DEA.  Chapter 1 has a lot going on because it was intended for it to be left as a one shot.  Many of you have asked for more and now you’re going to get it.  It’s going to be a pretty short story.  Probably only 4-5 more chapters, but Sookie and Eric will get their happy ending.

I want to recommend a book to read.  Naima Demars recommended that I read it and about half way through the first book I found out that the author used Alexander Skarsgård as her muse for the main character, Lucien Knight.  Click the picture below to take you Amazon to read all about it.

Knight and Play

 I want to thank Sephrenia for making the story and character banners.

A special thanks to 4Padfoot aka the WordPress Whisper for working on my site.  Check out the Secret Distractions page that she’s made.

Thank you, Virala, for everything!  Thank you for all of your encouragement from the email with the idea of this story to everything in between.  You are the best!  xo

Click the banner below to read chapter 1 of Lover’s Amnesia.

Lover's Amnesia Banner Bridge1


  1. YAY – Yummy Alex helped get over the fact that I’m sitting here at work. Will read the chapter (re-read) later. Congrats on starting another book. I’ll do work for you soon – I promise! I got to write three whole sentences last night – I hate work right now.

    1. Thank you so much, Mags! I hope you get more time this weekend to write. Make sure to check out the Distraction Gallery on here. 🙂

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