Wicked Wrong Candles

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Wicked Wrong Candles

I don’t usually post anything but new chapters but I wanted to pimp out  my friends company that sells candles.

The candles smell great but they have some blush worthy sayings on them.  Please go to their website or like them on Facebook.

You can create your own or here are a few of their naughty sayings:

Fifty Shades of Kinky

A Hard Man is Good to Find

We Should Get Naked

Because your poo-poo does stink

Real Cowgirls Ride Bareback

Check it out!

Wicked Wrong Candles
Facebook Page

I just got this candle from them.  If you send them a picture they will put it on their candle.  I’m going to have her make a couple with Alexander Skarsgard and post the pictures.

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